Friday, 3 September 2010

1460 - Bolton wanderings

The town of Bolton is the place to go
If you want to see all shades of vomit
Staining the pavement, including shadows
Of vomit from last week, or just last night
Stockport, it has to be said, does alright
In this regard, as does Oldham, Rochdale
And even posher Macclesfield, but quite
The best in street decor using cheap ale
Splashed all around with Pollock-like detail
After regurgitation, so it shows
That bit longer, can be found in the streets
Of Bolton. Let me take your hand; we'll sail
On pools of puke with little undertow
These filthy pavements make you want to spit!


  1. Soz Jude - I knew you were from oop north but had forgotten where. It's gone downhill since you were there, i guess, tee hee!