Monday, 24 August 2015

3294 - Never stop

Despite still being short of sleep when I woke
At lunchtime left the office, headed out
To the other side of town, a long walk
Had a hilarious tiime having haircut
They know I'm a comedian, dominate
The attention of all three staff these days
Then after work, shopping for things to eat
And once home I did my exercises
Just about managed press-ups, what a feat
Javi was out, so I stayed on my feet
In the living room, played guitar, and broke
The record, I think, for skill, trying not
To look at the strings, with fingers of smoke
I played Sparks melodies. Poem rewrote

Sunday, 23 August 2015

3293 - Sisters of noisy

Nice day in in Wilmslow and Manchester with
Josie and (in town) with Pearl. Koffee Pot
Was our first stop. A late breakfast. It pissed
It down while in there, but with lots and lots
Of toast to munch, was occupied and watched
The heavy rain in Manchester, second
Day in a row, flowers on tarmac plots
As heavy drops land and spread all around
Momentary petals as they rebound
From impact. Then to Ziferblat we switched
For drinks and cakes galore, also somewhat
Unexpectedly, Monopoly bound
Our attention for two hours. Hug and kiss
For both sisters, time with them is well-bought

3292 - Absolute professionals

Just got home from the Absolute Bowie
Gig at the Ruby Lounge, it was good stuff
Though many guitar solos deafened me
I was right by the speaker, made me deaf
The first part of the set were highlights of
The Ziggy Stardust songs, the middle was
The mid-70s funky pop, enough
People were dancing, Golden Years
And though less funky, also Life on Mars
The third part was the least interesting to me
But still good in parts, though of course the guff
Of Let's Dance had to be played, yes of course!
Tired myself earlier writing poetry
And finished Fifty Shades, no that's no bluff!

Sat 22 Aug

Friday, 21 August 2015

3291 - Getting on with it

Wow, what a day, and also a great play
On guitar once back home, and now staying
In tonight, after three nights' comedy
But that's OK, because I am looking
Forward to the Bowie tribute act in
The Ruby Lounge tomorrow night, and I'll
Write a poem first, fit for publishing
In the next 'Evidently' - it's a while
Since so much has been right, there's many miles
To freedom, as the man said, and now hey
It's all getting rather good, I'm hoping
By continued focus, that these things will
Continue to get better still, and they
Will, if I go on doing what I'm doing

Thursday, 20 August 2015

3290 - Smokey losers

Second night at Tiger Lounge, with mine host
Tuesday Tony, but this time I went on
And did the Egyptian jokes that were lost
To the world from Tuesday's cancellation
Of The Worst Comedy Night, where I've long
Performed to great acclaim, but now I've dipped
My toes in other waters, ok, none
Of the paying public, no money slipped
From purses or wallets, but these guys trip
The light puntastic, are better than hosts
Of dull-witted or supine audience, fun
Though they may have, I'd like to see them flipped
Onto the stage to see them turn to toast
Big up for amateur comedy turns!!

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

3289 - Snigger Lounge

Amazingly, despite last night's late night
And a busy day at work following
I went out tonight to comedy night
At Tiger Lounge, 'bout which I been hearing
And enjoyed the acts, sitting there watching
A Guinness then two cheap ciders I drank
Met a few new people, reacquainting
Myself with Tuesday Tony, and to think
Some of these guys were good, no, no-one stank
So not much time but tomorrow I might
Have to up my game to be impressing
What will I do, will look at the jokes bank
And look at the material from last night
I didn't do, and do quick rehearsing!

3288 - Comedy of nevers

Only three hours' sleep, got up before six
Started thinking of comedy routine
I was due to perform (about Egypt)
But when I got there, there was no-one in
And so the comedy didn't happen
So instead had some drinks, Dermot was there
Javi went too, and Jackie O'Hagan
Caught the end of the match. United were
Lucky to beat Bruges 3-1, was the hair
Of Fellaini that did it, hair that fixed
The result in the Reds' favour. We'd been
In the Salford Arms, then Mulligans where
We had another, met these guys, told jokes
A guy played spoons, home beer before bedtime!

Tue 18 August